The Management Team

Hire us full or part-time as project management consultants for EPC-Turnkey Projects.

Peter Wyss, Managing Director of PMCC-INTERNATIONAL Sdn Bhd.

Engineer, Project Manager, Consultant, System Integrator, Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Peter Wyss has many years of experience in Project Management and in working with people from various backgrounds and cultures.  Peter’s experience comes from the railway and construction industry as Project Manager, Site Manager, CTC Site Manager, System Integration Engineer and Consultant. Besides that, Peter worked as Electronic and System Engineer Designing and Implementing Solar (PV) Systems Experience and conducted Project Management Training and Coaching for public and in-house Clients.

Peter Wyss graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and a MBA from College of Bern, Switzerland. He has several post-graduate qualifications such as a Diploma in Project Management, Coach Certification (ICF), NLP Practitioner; he has also attended the world-renown Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs.

Aside from being certified and highly qualified for projects of all sizes, Peter Wyss prides himself on integrity, which is why so many people love working with him.  He knows how to work with people and supports them in building their strengths and leadership qualities in the various work and tasks they do.  He is a team-player and is well versed on various topics including leadership, team-building, coaching and being a workshop creator and leader. He has accumulated a wide range of experience from different industries, working at senior and leadership positions in Telecom RF-Sales, Industrial and Medical electronic development, as well as Training and Coaching of electronic engineers based on the Swiss government curriculum.  For 10 years, he has worked with big multinational companies involved in engineering – 4 years with Ascom (Switzerland) and 6 years with Siemens (Switzerland), both in Malaysia and overseas.

Project Management Trainings held in: Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, Shanghai, Manila, and Yangon.

Continuing this journey as an entrepreneur, Peter expanded his business into Power Plants in the range from 1 to 20MW each with the main aim of fuelling them with renewable resources. Peter has throughout his career, acquired wide practical competencies from construction, engineering, project management and operations from various companies. Peter’s versatility and wide industry experiences and educational background enable him to learn, apply and teach the best management practices of Swiss, German and Malaysian multinational organisations.

Peter offers his experience to multinational and local companies who want to elevate their projects and project management teams to the next level.


Monika Wyss, Commercial Director and Coach

As the company Commercial Director, Monika is taking care of the Administration and Accounting of the company. Further to that, Monika is heading the Coaching department where her psychological skills playing a leading role for the coaching of individuals looking for a new direction in life or need personal support when stress or burnout in the corporate world or in projects are causing low productivity, absence and in the long term chronic illness.

Monika has a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality from Switzerland and has further certification in Systemic Family Constellation, Hypnotherapy and several certifications on emotional management.


Datin Maria von Stumm, Director, Legal Advisor

Datin Maria von Stumm studied law and graduated in 1984 (First State Law Degree) and in 1988 (Second State Law Degree) from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich Germany.

From 1976 until 1988 she worked 12 years part and full time with Taurus Film GmbH; a media company in Unterfoehring, Germany.

She then moved to Malaysia in 1988 and began working as a legal consultant, mainly in corporate, industrial and family law. In addition, she also began assisting small and medium size companies from Europe to set up companies in Malaysia some of which she has become a director in.

One of these companies that she assisted is PMCC INTERNATIONAL Sdn. Bhd. of which she became a director in 2007. She has since managed many corporate contracts and legal matters with PMCC INTERNATIONAL Sdn. Bhd. and continues working with them to date with focus on Contract Management

From 1996 until 2012 Datin Maria was the President of the Board of Governors for Deutscher Schulverein Malaysia (Persatuan Sekolah Jerman Malaysia). Datin Maria handled all legal matters, responsibilities and employment for the German school in Malaysia.

She continued her education in Summso’s Project Management Power Crash Course and Project Risk Management Course. She continues to expand her knowledge in the area of project management, legal/contract management and has recently been certified in Family Constellation and Systemic Counselling as of January 2013.

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