Hire us full or part-time as project management consultants for EPC-Turnkey Projects.

We add value by partnering with individuals and organisations and developing project management capabilities at all levels, enabling extraordinary performance and increase profits through consulting, training, coaching, mentoring and online publications.

Our Services are:

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Either independent or together with our services, comes a complete GETTING PROJECTS DONE TEMPLATE SUITE. We it prepared with the intention to setup the back office or the PMO if you call it as such and then to execute the project or programme based on the EPC project life cycle. Each template or procedure is based on our vast experience in projects and is therefore considered a premium and high quality document if properly applied. Therefore we are not just selling individual templates, instead we package it into a typical project flow and provide the explanation for each template why it is important to use and how to use it. In itself, this is like a project management course already, because it teaches the project life cycle for an EPC project and each step what to do. The templates are created based on the Getting Projects Done Mindset @ SUMMSO™, which is also looking towards the trends in the coming years and provide trendsetting PMO and Programme Management strategies. Therefore, GETTING PROJECTS DONE TEMPLATES – GPDT are considered best practise due to the following reasons:

  • The coverage – it’s all included for large-scale projects and PMO’s from project development until project completion and revenue service.
  • The quality – each template has the same basic template and follows ISO90001 standard for documentation and numbering. It’s industry standard and immediately ready to use.
  • The style – each template is usable on its own and is based on standard fonts, formatting etc. It can be used in most of the projects you are doing, however, as a complete package it is biased to EPC projects.
  • The trend – important changes in our daily work habits over the past 10 years and the way we communicate is included in these templates. And we are looking forward to update the templates to keep up with the trends!

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