Contract Management

Each project has a contract which needs proper administration. Our experience in Contract Management can help you safe your money instantly!

Project Contract Management

Based on our vast experience in large scale and complex EPC projects, we offer Project Contract Management solutions to either project owners or contractors which includes as well the required project correspondence.

The following topics are in our portfolio:

Project Due Diligence – Commercial and technical audit of companies who are involved in the project to find out if they are capable to deliver the project as per contract requirements.

Contract review, monitoring and controlling – regular monitoring and control of the contract requirements is of paramount importance and to ensure that all parties are following the contract. A upfront contract review is necessary to understand the contract requirements and provide the correct guideline for the monitoring and control.

Risk Management – A comprehensive risk assessment of the project is of paramount importance not only for the project planning and execution; it underlines the company credibility and makes the contract more “bankable.” Typically, a bank needs to see a risk assessment before they issue bank guarantees or project working capital. It can help as well to purchase the right insurance and reduce the premium if the risks are clear.

Claim Management – Besides the normal claims as per payment schedule, claim management is essential to protect each parties’ interests. Delays, loss and expenses, additional work and extension of time all need proper administration and execution from the very beginning of the project.

Communication Management – This is the overall contract management administration to have the right correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, etc., in place as evidence for professional contract management. We believe that the documented linking between engineering, project management and procurement is extremely important throughout the entire project.

Having the in-depth experience from both, the engineering and legal aspect of the contract and vast experience from multiple project execution, we can assist you with Contract Management from the very beginning of the project until the project close out.

We do have a lawyer in-house at your service, and we also have the legal network to any lawyer firm in your region if necessary. However, our aim is to find amicable solutions in the first place, which is possible if the above due diligence, risk management and proper communication has been implemented at the beginning of the project.

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