Project Management Assessment

Project Management Assessments

The successful application of a project management system, and consequently the success of a project, is reflected in the results achieved at the project’s conclusion. Project Management Assessments pave the way to Project Management excellence.

Clearly defined and consistently understood project management processes provide a solid basis for efficient project execution. The PM@SUMMSO™ PMA focuses on making all of the activities necessary to successfully execute customer projects transparent.

  • What are the organizations’ project management capabilities?
  • What are the procedures applied in day-to-day practice?
  • Is there progress towards the goal of a being a project-driven organisation?

Those and similar questions are answered during a Project Management Assessment.

Outputs of the Project Management Assessment

As one of its primary advantages, the Project Management Assessment conducts extensive information gathering (e.g. document reviews, and stakeholder interviews) and analysis to provide an evaluation of the organisational PM maturity.

PMA Topics

The Project Management Assessment (PMA) takes a holistic view of the organization’s capabilities to successfully contract and execute customer projects. The assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in each process area and then identifies efficient options and steps to take. We differentiate 3 sections for the PMA and adjust the assessment to the specific needs and focus points

The scope of the evaluation extends beyond an analysis of ‘pure’ project management functions to other PM-related functions (e.g. interfaces with sales, purchasing, engineering, commissioning and process management).

In each area of suggested improvement, specific actions are proposed and adopted by the assessed entity. These measures are evaluated and classified (e.g. by priority, required implementation effort).

Customer Benefit

The Project Management Assessment (PMA) provides the basis for a process improvement program tailored to meet the organization’s specific requirements and goals.

Adopting efficient and effective project management practice leads to:

  • Increased probability of achieving committed project goals.
  • Enhanced ability to immediately recognise risks threatening project success and options to respond adequately.
  • Improved project processes, including responsibility definition.


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